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Nietzsche’s Children:  Faith, Freud, And Fascism In Reformed Protestantism

Nietzsche’s Children: Faith, Freud, And Fascism In Reformed Protestantism

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Every so often, I read posts from progressive, non-fundamentalist, religiously devout people – usually Christian, but not always – on, e.g., Facebook expressing astonishment and mortification at the manner in which the conservative evangelical / Reformed Christian church (with certain conspicuous exceptions, to be sure) has slavishly rallied around the Presidency of Donald Trump. This surprise is understandable if you only pay attention to the surface rhetoric of the conservative Christian church. But focusing on the superficial, conscious, “prefrontal-cortex” part of conservative Christianity is like looking at the surface of the earth and concluding that, except for the odd volcano here and there, the earth’s core is pretty much like the earth’s surface, that is to say, pretty dull: ...
Holy Fools’ Day

Holy Fools’ Day

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  "Joseph Campbell called them Holy Fools. Steve Jobs called them the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, and the troublemakers.... When they band together, Margaret Meade called them a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens. They all knew that the people who believe they can change the world are the ones who do."--Rebecca Campbell, author I know you've heard of April Fools' Day, but have you heard of Holy Fools' Day? Gail Larsen, head of the Real Speaker's Academy, declared April 1st as Holy Fools' Day in 2014. She became intrigued with Joseph Campbell's statement that holy fools threaten the world as we know it with its systems and structures. I'd rather think of April 1st as a day to celebrate people who care enough about the world to try to change it for the better ...
“Sailing With Ulysses” Reconsidered

“Sailing With Ulysses” Reconsidered

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Not quite a year ago, as this is written (20 Nov 2016), I published an article in the Be-Zine in which I defended a broad-based liberal arts education by reference to the audacious undertaking of Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s, Ulysses in setting out again in his old age for exploration. (A previous, slightly modified version of that article was published as a “Skeptic’s Collection” column.) I still believe and stand by everything, without exception, that I said in the 2015 piece. But, in retrospect, I realize that it needs to be qualified in two practical ways that got shouldered aside in my original access of romantic zeal. Upon more mature reflection, I realize that I should have addressed with more urgency than previously two related issues:  (1) the sheer cost of a modern university-leve...