An Advent Journey of Study & Play

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Hi! We will be doing an Advent Study & Play together. By study & play, I mean we will examine some ideas and respond in a creative, playful manner. Whatever that means for you! Advent, in the Christian tradition, is the time before Christmas Eve. It is a traditional time of preparing our hearts and our lives for the new thing that is to come in Jesus. Simultaneous with Advent, other traditions have their own holy days. For example, Judaism has Hanukkah (Dec. 8-16), Buddhism has Bodhi Day (Dec. 8), Pagans have Yule (Dec. 21), and Kwanzaa, from the Pan-Africans, begins on Dec. 26.  There's a lot going on! (If you want more info about Advent and the church calendar, please below the line.) We will be examining ideas from different traditions with central themes of Hope, Love, J...

Creative Reflections for Advent

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I am thinking of having a creative reflections for Advent program run on the blog.  Would you be interested in sharing creative reflections based upon scripture chosen around Advent themes?  I will probably be using Haiku, but any creative response is encouraged! Advent is the 4 weeks prior to Christmas (Yes, Christmas STARTS Dec. 25 while Advent starts four weeks prior to Christmas.  Christmas then runs for two weeks until epiphany. Oh, the joys of the church calendar.) Anyway, I digress.  Advent is the 4 weeks prior to Christmas in which we anticipate and prepare ourselves in a joyful way for the new thing that is going to happen in the world.  The question is: Will you join me on the Advent journey? If the answer is yes, I'll get a Mr. Linky thing going and we can all work together.

advent reflection

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pregnant i saw two women meet on the street      (girls, really) and not really meeting more like stalking, assessing, sizing up, hunting red and blue sisters sworn to hatred and harm because of babo and trece throwing their arms wide flashing words, predator eyes, and an arrhythmia of speech, fear and danger permeating the chains on the ground, decay clinging to the skin as the familia becomes watchful     (pieces of coal) ready to be shattered by the roar of the huntress and the inevitable sirens recalling every spaghetti western ever made, they reach into their pockets      (can you hear the music?) hermenegilda extracting the end of blue and the death of red with sonograms of jesús and shedding layers of reptile skin becoming maría      ~Terri Stewart, December 2010 Brief Backgr