Tuesday, July 7


Good Mourning America!

Good Mourning America!

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I cannot vouch for the source, but Mark Twain is reputed to have once remarked “History doesn’t repeat, but it sometimes rhymes”.  For reasons of both personal history and temperament, I have always found it difficult to be optimistic. But in the wake – an apt word, if ever there was one! – of the recent presidential election, I find it flatly impossible, and even trying to be such would grate on my sensibilities as an exercise in dishonesty.  The most I can do at this point is to offer some perspective. But even this, modest as it is, may turn out to be considerably less than comforting and encouraging. For the precedent I am going to cite, the most relevant template, will be the final death throes of the Weimar Republic and the rise of fascism in Germany, as embodied in Adolf Hitler....
Burkini Enforcement:  On The Hijab Training, En Francaise

Burkini Enforcement: On The Hijab Training, En Francaise

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A very modest short-range extrapolation of recent events makes it quite reasonable to predict that, in the near future, France’s zeal to stand athwart the supposed Saracen tide ostensibly menacing European civilization will lead the French Senate and National Assembly to punish Muslim women who refuse to remove their burka-like beach- and swimwear by deporting them to some small, Third World country. But even if that possibility never materializes, the whole burkini prohibition does illustrate the difference between religious liberty as it exists in the US and as it exists in France, and in the process exemplifies the differences the European Enlightenment assumed in both places. It should also caution us left-wingers / progressives that, when conservative evangelical Christians critique “...
Monotheism And Seeing-Eye Dogs

Monotheism And Seeing-Eye Dogs

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****************************************************************** I had originally planned to observe a moratorium in "Skeptics Collection" posts until after the conclusion of the current e-course The Great Divide on religion and the US Constitution. What prompted me to change my mind was the President's speech at the National Prayer Breakfast on international terrorism. Critics of the President's speech have never, to this day, pointed out any factual errors of history the President committed in his address.  Instead, and perhaps not surprisingly, they all seem to have missed the point entirely -- which is what conservative Republicans seem to specialize in these days.  The following is my mouse-squeak of a voice in its attempt to fill the void left by people whose ignorance of both h...