Snowed In

Panda in Snow

i read a post earlier today called, "In case of blizzard, do nothing." I had planned to say something similar today, oddly enough. Probably not as beautifully or gracefully, so I'm giving you that link so you can read it. Here's my story, though.

After an eye doctor's appointment a week or so again, a follow up to my neurosurgeon led to a earlier than expected date for surgery. After the date got scheduled, we found out about Winter Storm Jonas.

I grew up in the Carolinas, so I've been teased by the promise of snowstorms that never materialized before. When my neurosurgeon decided not to discharge me on Thursday, saying that there might not be a big storm after all, I thought, "OK, that's fair." I even thought he might be right.

As everyone knows by now, he wasn't. My current hairdo shows he's not a hairstylist--well, he's not a meteorologist or a psychic or God either. (I'm not sharing my current hairdo, but you'd believe me, believe me!) When snow is predicted, no one except God knows whether it will actually happen. So just go with it.

If you're stuck somewhere this weekend with cabin fever, remember that it won't last forever. You'll be missing the quiet and back into your normal routine very soon--sooner than you might want to be. Take the chance to be quiet and listen to what the silence has to say to you.

Or maybe you can just relax and enjoy the freedom to play for a few unscheduled days! You've probably seen the panda rolling in the snow, but I don't think it can be shared too many times!


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