Wednesday, June 23

Blog Post Submission

Submission Guidelines

  • The post must relate to creating a peaceful life through however that works for you. Preferred topics include: mindfulness, prayer, peacefulness, joy, thought-provoking topics, gratitude, Sabbath, inspiration/thoughtfulness.
  • Posts should not exceed 500 words unless we have had a discussion about it, please.
  • The post should include a photo.
  • We ask that your submission be respectful. We all come from varying backgrounds and beliefs. Please be mindful of that.
  • It’s ok to voice an opinion, complaint, or disagreement, but since we are based from a position of peacefulness, please be mindful in your vocabulary.
  • The post should not include marketing-related links.
  • Posts must be created by you. Republishing your own content is allowed.
  • Posts must be accompanied by a 3-5 sentence bio with an optional picture. You may include links to your website and/or social media and any publications that you have published in.
  • Please note that there may be minor edits from the staff at
  • Images must be properly attributed and credited
  • Posts can be any creative endeavor that is accessible in a blog post. This includes: art, collage, poem, story, video, prayer, essay, music, etc.

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