Thursday, July 29

blank pages


  • dan

    As a teacher I’ve seen a lot of pages without spacesbetweenwords. The pages are almost unreadable. In a newspaper the amount of space is determined by the importance of words. Headlines clamor for space. Urgency calls for space. Even love letters don’t hug and squeeze the letters together. Ink loses its importance without space, but space by itself is simply resting, waiting for ink to energize it. I’ve taken a lot of space to say both ink and space are necessary to grace a page.

    • I believe my daughter tends towards no spacesbetweenwords! In truth, this was inspired by a drawing of Torah I saw where the white spaces around the Jewish letters glowed with energy. Giving as much importance to the white space as to the black ink. That image has stayed with me.

      Thanks, Dan. And bless you for being a teacher!

  • Space between didn’t really dawn on me as a concept until I started putting together web sites. I find it ironic and sort of amusing that it took the digital medium to teach me something about pen and ink.

    Important to me because I write most of my poetry and such like longhand first.

    Lovely piece of work you did.

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