Thursday, August 5

Begin Again

I am experiencing a mood down turn. It could be because of celiac disease weirdness, iron stores plummeting, or because of hypo allergenic diet. Who knows! What I can say is that my motivation, happiness, and habits have been impacted (are being impacted). I have not even wanted to walk or take photos!

So I begin again.

Beginning again will actually be an upcoming theme for the blog. But it is a return to what is calling me (you?). A moment-by-moment reconnection. Someone wise said something like this (paraphrase/about meditation)...

If you have to return your focus 100 times in a minute to God, don't beat yourself up! Rejoice in reconnecting 100 times!

And so I begin again.  Look for more on this theme coming up!

I have felt "grayed out" over the last week or so. Boo.

or like squawking


Actually, I haven't even felt like squawking.

Hopefully, while I work at whatever needs working at, we can continue forward in our spiritual practices together. Seeking for and finding the divine in every day life.

Shalom, friends.


(c) 2013 essay and photos, Terri Stewart


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