Thursday, July 29

beauty in Hawaii

Today we journeyed from Wailea to Hana.  This entailed 48 miles on the skinniest road in the entire world.  Most of the time the speed limit was 15 mph.  It often dropped to one lane, limited vision.  That's what you get driving on the back side of a volcano!  We are saying we drove to Hana to use the bathroom and turned around to come back to Wailea.  It was an amazingly beautiful drive.  We stopped at the Bamboo Gardens, Twin Falls, The Garden of Eden, and then the Rodeo Grocery Store in Hana (and the gas station for a potty break!).  Amazing.  We had lunch at a random Mexican restaurant in the middle of Maui (yes, Mexican).  Their salsa was fantastic.  And then a smoothie at the Bamboo Garden - fresh pressed sugar cane, fresh pineapple, plus fresh coconut water.  Heaven in a drink!  Seriously, we watched her press the sugar cane.  I can only say thank you to the Holy One who created all of the wonders of the world.

from our journeys today in Maui, HI:

The rock in the middle is from the opening scene of Jurassic Park, we are told.

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  • Bless you, dear Terri, for so much sharing and care for us shown in this post. Your descriptions of the smoothie have me dying of thirst right now! Truly a blessing from God, so many wonderful crops and fruits there in the 50th state! So very pleased you trip was “heaven on earth”, it sounds!

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