Tuesday, June 15

Autumn’s Fog

I remember once
when we
to the mountains
and back.

The vacation
of  a lifetime
in the behemoth
RV that pulled
us along.

You were so
silly at seven
and I was so
smart at ten
that we could
have run the
world with
humor and

Somewhere we
lost that when
slowly ceased while
the leaves fell
calling you home.

We lost it as
became unfathomable
in our lives strewn
upon the altar
of mother's death.

The faint echo
of laughter and
abandoned in
the fog.

We lost it
when we

This poem is inspired by my brother, Tim.  Our relationship devolved over the years as addiction and death gained supremacy.  Today is 9/13 of the year he died.  His anniversary would have been 9/15 (2001).  Deena and Benjamin, you are in my thoughts as you struggle with the loss of husband and father. 

Lately, I have been thinking of you, Tim.  And we continue to mourn you.  I mourn the brother that I lost 25 years ago when I left the house and abandoned you to a world of pain.  But I know, the cycle of life will bring us through fall and winter into the new life of spring and so, the cycle keeps going. 

Thank you to the Abbey of the Arts for providing the poetry prompt that got these thoughts flowing.


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