Friday, April 16

Author: Jamie Dedes

A Business of the Heart

Joy, Spirituality
The Spoon Theory (view the video above) is a clear and vivid way of explaining what it is like to live with any chronic, catastrophic and potentially life-threatening illness. I suspect that it is also explains what life is like for those who have lived long enough to be described as "elderly." The first step in living successfully with catastrophic illness and advanced aging is to recognize (acknowledge/understand) the ramifications in terms of everyday life and its details. The Spoon Theory helps with that. The second step is acceptance. That's about letting go of your story. It's about not being defined by the circumstances of your life. It's about living with not struggling against. This requires something much more profound than positive thinking, which does offer some help but only ...

dancing with Infinity

each lively soul worlds contained in a galaxy of one our gases, our dust our gravitational pull our weak wills our strong compulsions our spare shadowlands and gaudy stars our remarkable Light the wholeness of us dancing with Infinity © 2013, poem, Jamie Dedes; photo credit ~ NASA, public domain

stray thoughts while walking along the beach

awareness, heart, peace, poem, Poetry
Cliff House from Ocean Beach, San Francisco 1. how painful it is for them to write, those poets in tough-times and hard places, where blood and tears and poverty contaminate the air, stain the sidewalks and consume the people the blood must be soul-sick and rusted and tasting of acid, not salt, the poems meant to heal the writer and stroke the cheeks of the wounded, to dry their eyes and gently kiss their gray heads to poem in such places must be like walking shoeless on glass shards perhaps the most sacred thing in a poet's dream meadow is Light do they awaken to see the Divine on the battlefield, in the camps, in housing projects and ghettos or when living rough on the street ... if so, they are saints, not merely bards 2. in the safe confines of my world, my civilized world, life is sim...