Author: Jamie Dedes

History With the Sky

Joy, Nature
over mountain edging sea sun contemplates the trees the trees eat up the sun they blossom, the rivers run and wise old rock by time inscribed shares history with the sky © 2013, poem, Jamie Dedes (The Poet by Day), All rights reserved; photo credit ~ Caliliver and released into the public domain

The Way Light Works

Joy, Love, Poetry, Spirituality
maybe a thing about particles and waves or wave-particles and the way light works and moves, the way soulmates’ eyes ignite into stardust, the way some ancient god smiled and blinked, flicked an able wrist to strew some billion stars across a darkly barren sky, then asked his goddess to suspend the yellow moon, a caress so softly lighted, it stirred the hopeful hearts of night-blooming lovers into endless devotion, though for sure the years run like the cheetah and soon-or-late all hearts quake asunder, just as sure as moonlight and stardust and the way Love fills in the fault lines © 2013 (poem) and 2014 (photograph), Jamie Dedes (The Poet by Day), All rights reserved   

after the injera, the wat, the niter kibby

Joy, Poetry, spirit, Spirituality
his hands flutter over and onto the kebero a world constructed in the moments of sound a world razed in the moments of silence a rhythm of birth and rebirth of heartbeat and life-blood he’d gone to Africa, this young man to chase down his roots to buy exotic drums to make rhythms with his brothers to sing with his sisters to learn, to grow, to come home and teach he was full of grace, brimming with jazz just rocking his universe, rolling with spirit alight with green and gold and the breath of wild savannas and wilder cheetahs, monkey pranks and elephantine tuskedness what, i had to ask, was the take-away after the safaris and the drumming and the injera, the wat, the niter kibby and berbere spices, the many fine meals downed with ambo wuhteh ah, he said, i met a sister i was driving a fo