Author: Jamie Dedes

JOY . . . and because

“Clouds are on top for a reason. They float so high because they refuse to carry any burden!”  Jasleen Kaur Gumber,  Ginger and Honey “On cloud nine (or seven) – extremely happy. [A reference to a ten-part classification of clouds in which ‘nine’ is next to the highest.] wind came through like an old bruja one night,taking her broom to my cloud, scattering the seedsof my poetry to all the four corners and the centerbelow where I do my shopping for earthly things,down I went to try to gather them up only to meet a philosopher peach who set me on my earwith his questions on mind, matter and meaning,wanting to know why he couldn’t taste himselfand how was it that I had a mouth that wouldn’t in any trance, no matter the

Joy … in ancestral memory

"The past could be jettisoned ... but the seeds got carried." Joan Dideon, Where I Was From out of the womb of Time they slidepeasants and kings, artisans and queensmurders, warriors, healers, peacemakersthe mothers and grandmotherson whose shoulders we stand they are with us, their spirits sensedthough unseentheir hearts are in our mouthsas they guard and guide feet rooted in the mud of Earthwe drink the wine, eat the rootsand sing the songs we inheritedtheir sayings are our sayingstheir voices are our voicescarried on breezeslike the music of cathedral bellslike the call of the muezzinthey chime and summonthey sum what came before from their gnosiswhispered in the ear of silencewe learn: we are nameless but not lostwe too shall echoshall be the shouldersshal...