Tuesday, June 2

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Dancing Through Depression

Dancing Through Depression

Art, mindfulness, spirit, Spirituality
I've had some highs this week and some really low lows. I'd like to blame it on the mid-January blahs, and maybe that's part of it. I've never appreciated this time of year. I grew up in the South. It's just after Christmas, and the little bit of snow we might get to brighten up what is typically a cold, dreary, and rainy winter didn't usually come until sometime in February (this is before the polar vortex and global warming, of course). So January had nothing much to recommend it. And quite honestly, it still doesn't, even though today the skies in western North Carolina were a brilliant, cloudless blue. My body and mind just wants to curl up and hibernate. When I feel this way, my state of mind doesn't lend itself easily to inspiring myself, much less you all. So I went to Google Ima...

Story as Embodied Faith

Creativity, Sacred Writing, spirit, spiritual practice, Spirituality
My word for 2015, and probably for my life if I'm honest, is story. Why? I love reading and learning. I love getting lost in others' stories. I love writing. I love telling my story and being there for others when they tell theirs. I love holding their stories and providing sanctuary for them. I even love standing up for them and speaking up for them when they can't tell their own stories. It's the most sacred thing about my calling as a helper. Whether I'm a reader or a writer or a social worker or a counselor or a chaplain or a minister, I'm all about story. It's who i am, and i wouldn't change it for anything. It's how i embody my faith--how i show the world who i believe God is and what i believe is true about life and love. As long as I follow my story wherever it leads and make cho...

So it's 2015….

What's changed in your world? It kind of feels like the day after your birthday when everybody is telling you your life is supposed to be different, but no matter how you look around at it, it all looks exactly the same as it did as it did the day before or the day before that. Or maybe you look at today and compare it to the pictures of how 2015 was SUPPOSED to look in the second movie of Back to the Future trilogy. We don't have hoverboards or self-lacing shoes, so things must be pretty much the same as they always were. Well, I was trying to go through that Word of the Year process that I shared with you all last week, and I found myself stuck. I couldn't choose any of the words that came to my mind because they were all pretty much as revolutionary in my life as self-lacing shoes wou...