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The Sound of Water and The Power of Prayer

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Oh, the North Carolina blizzard of 2015!! We got not even a half-inch of snow in my part of the mountains, but the ridiculously cold temperatures left a legacy. It didn't last forever, but even though we took the recommended precaution of leaving the water trickling in the sink, we woke up Wednesday morning with no water. Our pipes had frozen overnight. I'm a Southern girl, and it generally doesn't get that cold here. My partner is from Canada, but Canadians know that to keep pipes from freezing, you insulate them. We were both at a loss. This was an experience I do NOT care to repeat anytime soon. I won't give you the details , but I'm sure you can imagine how much fun the past few days have been. At about 3:45 Eastern time on Saturday afternoon, I finally heard the magical sound of a

Taking Off the Mask

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I finished the blog post I told you all about last week, and the blogger sent it back to me. I have some changes to make, and if it works out, the post will go live on Thursday. I'm still learning about this writing gig, and baring your soul for a blog audience is definitely not like sharing your soul in therapy. It's hard to spill your guts for an audience when you have no idea what they want to hear or who they are looking to find on the page. One of the things I've learned about myself is that I put my "spiritual" mask on before I sit down to blog here, and I'm trying to figure out whether that's necessary or not. I need to tell you that sometimes I doubt the Church. Sometimes I don't understand how people who go to church can make some of the decisions they make and still call themsel

Vulnerability Hurts So Good

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I was working on another blog post before I came to sit quietly and try to gather my thoughts for you all. Then I thought maybe the mess was what I was supposed to share about. So I gave in to the urge to try to work things out on the page, and you wonderful people are the recipients. I agreed to do a guest post for a friend in a writing group as part of a series called 15 Days of Vulnerable. Can you believe I was actually excited? Let's talk about the meaning of the word vulnerable here. Apparently I need a refresher. 1. susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm. 2. (of a person) in need of special care, support, or protection because of age, disability, or risk of abuse or neglect 3. something to do with bridge (the card game, not jumping off one Some of the synonyms liste