Saturday, February 27

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Mindful Monday: Just passing through

Why Bodhidharma Went to Motel 6 by Jane Hirshfield   "Where is your home?" the interviewer asked him. "Here." "No, no," the interviewer said, thinking it a problem of translation, "when you are where you actually live?" Now it was his turn to think, Perhaps the translation? ... What are you noticing about where you are? ... for Mindful Monday   © December 22, 2014, post: Donna Pierce Source: Hirshfield, Jane. From "Seventeen Pebbles." After. NY: HarperCollins, 2006. Photo credit:  "Motel" by Curtis Perry, 2005. #mindful #monday #findingGod

Mindful Monday: No Complaint, Part 2

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Last week, I posted about a teaching, allegedly given by a Zen master named Sono: "Thank you for everything. I have no complaint whatsoever." The story goes that Sono shared this mantra with everyone who came to her for advice or healing, no matter the problem. Unsurprisingly, people rarely appreciated this advice. Most left puzzled, irritated, and unsatisfied, but the few who chose to practice the mantra reportedly found peace and healing. Alan Cohen, who wrote the article linked above, focused on the gratitude-building aspect of the teaching: "Thank you for everything." Indeed, the psychology research on the effectiveness of using gratitude practices to increase one's happiness is impressive. My personal experience with gratitude practices, though, is that they initially feel forced -- h...

Mindful Monday: No Complaint

"Thank you for everything. I have no complaint whatsoever." -- Zen Master Sono. I ran across this quotation in a Facebook photo several days ago and let out a humorless "HAH!" like, give me a break, Zen Master Goody-Two-Shoes! Please! What about the unrelenting pain of our national life of late? What about all the horrible deaths, illnesses, and accidents in my circle of family and friends in just a few short years? How can I be thankful for and uncomplaining about those without being either Mary-freakin'-Sunshine or in total denial? And what about all the little things, every day, that get under the skin? Thanks for those? Come on. Despite its irritating serenity, this quotation -- "Thank you for everything. I have no complaint whatsoever" -- has lodged itself in my brain. What would it ...