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Of Rest and School

Introducing a new writer joining our community - Colin Stewart! He is known as "chocolatebarsforthoughts." Please welcome him! ~Terri, aka CloakedMonk Sometimes our lives turn into a whirlwind of things we want to do. Or, on the opposite side of that, things we have no interest in doing. The balance we must find between self-care, motivation, reliability, and responsibility isn’t simple. It’s tricky and complicated and I haven’t found it yet. Maybe I will someday. Maybe I won’t. Have you? I often find that a day of rest isn’t always what you expect. Rest doesn’t mean to sleep, or to do nothing. My two favourite definitions of rest are relief or freedom, especially from anything that wearies, troubles, or disturbs; and mental or spiritual calm: tranquility. Rest is tranquility. School

March 3 Challenge: Communication

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on communication From i was sitting on the front porch swing wondering to myself about matters of life and death and paying bills not even noticing that you were tip-tip-tapping on my shoulder.   i shooed you away like a pesky fly swirling about my head and shoulders not even feeling the sting of pain that comes when one heart rejects another.   now i wonder. what were you trying to say to me that day?   Written for both the March 3 Challenge and for the Thursday Jingle Poet's Rally. March 3 Challenge:  Communication.  I wonder what you would have said, that you didn't?  What would you have heard, that you ignored?  Whose voices do you say are "other" and not worthy of hearing?  Whose voices get preferential treatment?    Please add your link in the comments or paste your s