Monday, June 14

Author: Brian Kleber

33 year old transgender nonbinary United Methodist who is an addict in recovery. I live in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

Gratitude Friday

Hello my beloved readers near and far. I'm so blessed to be able to sit here and write another Friday blog for you all. I'm toying with some ideas on what to use as a header each week so if you have any cute ideas - leave them in the comments below. "Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do." -Brene Brown, Ph. D., L.M.S.W.I'm really enjoying life this week even in the midst of my mental health struggles. I am dealing with a medication increase that has left me more tired that usual. But I am hopeful that it will help me achieve a balanced state like I was at before I began this downward spiral.Brene brings up a wonderful point in the above mentioned quote from her book called The Gifts of Imperfection. When we own our stories...

Progress Not Perfection: Gratitude Throughout

Hello everyone! I was sitting here like I usually do wondering what in the world I'm going to write about. Then the title came to me first which is unusual for me because the words are what normally come first and then I base my title off of my writings. LOL!I chose the title because I really am a firm believer about progress not perfection and I'm learning to have gratitude throughout the process! My life hasn't been even remotely easy but on the outside it looks like I am completely fine. I have been struggling with maintaining my mental health while also working on my recovery from substance use. I've been clean since July 9th, 2019 and I've been struggling with my mental health for a majority of my clean time.I have been holding two drastically different emotions (happiness and depres...

Gratitude for Multiple Emotions All at Once

Hello Dear Faithful Readers -Before I get to what is on my heart - I want to apologize for not writing last week. Somehow the week got away from me and before I knew it - I was laying my head on my pillow Friday night realizing that I hadn't written my post for you all. Life definitely happened last week and it was surely a rollercoaster of emotions.I sit here in my kitchen on my laptop conflicted. I am honestly so spiritually angry at the UMC right now that if I didn't have an amazing reconciling pastor - I'd run for the damn hills. This week my beloved friend Rev. Anna Blaedel (Theologian-in-Residence at enfleshed) was forced to endure a hearing with the Committee about whether or not the bill of charges brought against them in this third complaint should be certified and sent to trial....