Author: Brian Kleber

Gratitude During Hard Times

As I type this blog post on my phone - Friday is almost over. I nearly had forgotten about what day it was! That has been my life lately as my mind is still healing from all I put it through recently. This Lenten journey has been a difficult one for me and yet I’ve experienced growth and stretching at a rate I’ve never experienced before. I have a wonderful tool that was given to me from enfleshed’s Director M Barclay. Every day I turn over a new card and read it and reflect on it throughout the day. This new practice has been nurturing my wounded and hurting spirit ever since I learned of how the Special General Conference went for my denomination. This Lenten journey will end on Easter Sunday, which just so happens to be my pastor’s last day at our church. She is taking a rene

Gratitude Friday’s Resume

Hello everyone! I’m blessed to be back writing for you all on Friday’s! I’ve been through some rocky times lately. I’m so grateful to be able to say that as of today I have 62 days clean from crystal meth, heroin, and needles. Life is too precious of a gift to just waste away. I’m grateful for the people who prayed for me while I was actively using. They literally saved my life - no joke because I OD on meth and I got a bad batch of heroin laced with another drug and instead of needing narcan I developed a severe allergic reaction. I should have died twice but I’m grateful I didn’t. I can’t wait to write more for you folxs here next week. Brian Lee *photo credit: Pinterest *

Gratitude For A Rebirth and Salvation Experience

A Rebirth Experience Hello everyone! I'm so very sorry that I've been neglecting my personal blog but I've been going through a difficult three months. But the good news is that I'm on the upswing of things. I have been relapsing off and on for the last 2 1/2 to nearly 3 months. My last time I used was a three day run that got progressively worse. In the matter of three days I went from pills then tried heroin for the first time. I don't honestly know what made me try heroin but I loved it. I'm not going to lie to you all. I've always been upfront and honest with you folxs who read my blog. But I definitely don't like the devastation that it leaves afterwards. While I was still high - I managed to tell a friend what I had done the day prior to and what I had done that morning. Thi...