Are You Seen, Acknowledged, Respected In Your Totality?

"Each of us has a deep and profound desire to be seen, to be acknowledged, and to be respected in our totality. There is a unique kind of pain in being unseen. It's a pain that cuts deep by diminishing and disempowering, and whether done intentionally or unintentionally, it's an experience that leaves real scars." -Sarah McBride, author of Tomorrow Will Be Different-

Today I am grateful for these words from Sarah McBride who is a transgender woman who is an American LGBTQ rights activist. I recently started reading her book called Tomorrow Will Be Different when I came across this paragraph. It blew me out of the waters because it explains me to a perfect t. I know I have a deep and profound desire to be seen, acknowledged AND respected as a trans nonbinary United Methodist Christian. Whenever I am not seen, acknowledged or respected in any parts of my total self it cuts and wounds so deeply. It is indeed diminishing and disempowering regardless of intent. That leaves deep scars that never seem to heal just right or sometimes at all.

I am grateful for the fact that overall I am seen, I am acknowledged, and I am respected as a trans nonbinary UM Christian. This has taken a lot of internal work at tearing down the things I was taught as a fundamentalist Christian, adopting new theological beliefs, and becoming comfortable in my own gender identity. As I have gotten more comfortable, I have found that those around me have also gotten more comfortable. Still every time someone says "she" or refers to me as a woman- I feel unseen, unacknowledged, and disrespected as a trans nonbinary person.

This is why I am grateful for Sarah's words because it is a lighthouse on a dark, cloudy, stormy night. Someone gets me! Someone understands me! Through Sarah's words and many other trans and nonbinary people - I am seen, I am acknowledged, and I am respected in my totality.

What words have you read are you grateful for amidst the dark, cloudy, stormy night? What word that have been spoken over you are you grateful for amidst the dark, cloudy, stormy night?

Let me leave this with you...

I SEE you! I ACKNOWLEDGE you! I RESPECT you! Yes, the TOTAL you, even the parts you hide from everyone else and only let out at home.


May you be seen, respected, acknowledge and loved this Grateful Friday,

Brian Lee


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