Tuesday, June 15

All Saints’ Day–What Does It Mean to Us Today?

I've never really heard much about All Saints' Day. I grew up Southern Baptist, and we never talked about it or what it meant. So I wonder how we honor it today.

The Catholic Church uses this day to challenge us, to inspire us, to see sainthood as something we have a hope of reaching. We look back at lives of heroic virtues and to people who show us how it's done. We look inside our hearts to ask what have we done or not done to make ourselves more like a saint. We see how far we have come and how far we have to go.

Make peace. Be meek. Offer mercy. Live with a clean heart and a poor spirit and a hunger for righteousness  This is how we become a saint. We see it every year, and we pray that we practice being all these things until they all come together in a way to make sainthood real.01281_All_Saints_Day_Sanok,_2011

Make peace. Be meek. Offer mercy. Live as fully humble, pure, and seeking the highest righteousness. You will meet God in your openness and holiness.

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