Thursday, July 29

All Pets Go to Heaven


I lost one of my furbabies this week. The first time we met Darby, she was on the highest shelf in the office belonging to the person who had posted the ad we were answering. She was just a kitten and terrified, but when we got her home, she met her new brothers Bill and Isaac and her sister Zoe. Suddenly life wasn't so scary anymore. She loved them. and they might as well have been littermates.

Not long after that, Bill went to Rainbow Bridge. Zoe followed not too long after. Isaac and Darby were "buds."  My partner brought Morgan home after finding her in a parking lot near her workplace. She apparently thought I could let a small baby kitty go to a new home after she had come into our apartment. Morgan tried turning the house upside down (she still does 13 years later), and Darby and Morgan were never as close as she and Zoe had been. But irrevocably, we were a family.

Two dogs and one more kitty joined us after we moved somewhere that gave us a little more space. Our family was complete.

Now it's not anymore. There's a hole where my sweetest little girl was just a few days ago. Her ashes have come home, but she never will. I sat beside her for her last minutes. She wasn't alone when she left the world. She heard my voice and felt my hand stroking her fur.

Thank you, God, for the connection she and I had. Tell her I love her and miss her. I'll see you again, baby girl.


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