Monday, July 26

All Dogs Go To Heaven

My boy Bentley went to Rainbow Bridge this week. He had only been sick a few days, but the vet found cancer in the x-rays. I didn't get to say goodbye to him because he lived with my ex. My heart is completely broken. He was a faithful companion to all of us. He still had what I called a "baby bark" when he got really excited--he reserved that most of the time for grandma. I loved how he would tell me he wanted his belly rubbed. He would nudge my leg with his paw. It made me laugh every time. When I was having trouble with one of my feet, he would come to where I was sitting and bathe my foot with what I always thought of as his "magic tongue." It always made the pain easier to bear.

All of us who knew and loved him miss him with all our hearts. I still have his sister whom I love dearly, but he was irreplaceable. Callie and I will never forget him.

"Dog" spelled backwards is "God." I think I know why.

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