Monday, June 21

Advent Week 2: Love – December 9

Advent is a time of waiting, of expectation for what is to come. It is a time of preparing our hearts and our lives for joy. If we are preparing for joy, we must have love. Love that the new thing to come will fill our lives with joy and hope.

Below is a story of love:

"Jane Lighty, 77, and her partner Pete-e Peterson, 85, plan to be one of the first couples in line. The two have been together for 35 years and never thought they would see the day when they could marry.

“I turn to Pete-e sometimes and say, 'Is this a dream?'” Lighty said.

Jane and Pete-e became domestic partners when Washington first passed the domestic partnership law in 2007. They were involved with the Referendum 74 campaign and now have plans to marry in a ceremony during intermission of the Seattle Men’s Chorus concert on Sunday.

“I think we've earned it, we've paid our dues,” said Pete-e, a former military nurse who tears up thinking about Sunday. “Everyday I turn to her and ask, ‘Will you marry me?’ Now it’s coming true.” "  From King5.

Songs of love:

What is difficult here?

What calls to you?

How will you respond?

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