Thursday, July 29

A Simple Nudge

It's so easy to think of someone who needs help as lesser than the helper. That's why it's so difficult for some of us to ask for help. We think that people will look down on us.

I looked and looked for a picture that seemed to portray helping in a different way, Yes, the dolphins are helping a baby seal find its way; but I loved the narrator calling the dolphins'  efforts "nudges." Sometimes that's all that needed--a nudge to set someone (or some creature) back on the path. It doesn't mean there is something wrong because the creature needs the nudge. It doesn't mean the helper is better than the creature he/she is helping. It simply means that the creature needs a nudge--a boost--to get back on the path of life.

This past week the water in my park got cut off due to a water main break. We were told via a recording that we would be without water for an undetermined amount of time. I posted this on Facebook on Friday and immediately got responses. A friend called another friend who was local in my area, and there were jugs of water and a couple of cases of bottled water sitting on my deck by the next morning. Because they hadn't wanted me to wake up without water that day, my friend had delivered the load the night before just after midnight.

My dog and cat rejoiced at their replenished water bowls. and I felt like I had just witnessed Christmas morning with presents under the tree that were undeserved.

I'll never forget that, and I hope and pray to have a chance to repay that effort--or at least pay it forward.

Help just means a simple nudge, not the end of life as one knows it.

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