Monday, June 14

A Net for Catching Days

I've been feeling pulled toward liturgical worship recently, and I couldn't figure out why. I grew up going to a Southern Baptist church only occasionally.  I don't think I even heard the word liturgy until seminary. Even then,"liturgical" was a synonym for "BORING."

When I saw this quote this week, it all started to come together . Maybe I'm drawn to the idea of structure in worship. Structure is God's way of catching me. I've felt lost without work because I don't have any structure in my days. I don't have too little time--I have too much time.

I need to create a routine to find God. When I do, God will catch me. One of my favorite things about blogging here is that there's a day each week you can find me. I find you every Sunday, and in that connection, we can find God together. Bless you all!

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