Monday, June 14

Sunny Sunday: Inspired by Family

The below is a republish of a poem I wrote in remembrance of my mother who died of breast cancer 18 years ago. Our power is out and I can do this on my phone! Plus, speaking of inspiration that moves into action, ny mother was that woman! Trained as a dietician, she became a computer programmer at IBM with no schooling. Who does that?!


pensive moment
stirred up by thoughts
of you drifting by on
a cloudy day

a flash of your
laugh as you ate
strawberry shortcake
celebrating life

your lips pursed as
you plucked at them
while confronting
challenge freely

your arms and legs
as they whittled
away to nothing
fighting a losing battle

all of this is caught
in a circle of light
the tilt of my child's head
with curls so like yours

the battle won
in the grace of a new
creation that
echoes of you

reminders of love



© 2009, T. Stewart


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