Thursday, June 24

a baptismal prayer…

a baptismal prayer...

wading in the water
wading in the water children
wading in the water
god's gonna trouble the water...
now lord
i don't mean no disrespect
but i've got troubles
of my own
so while these folks are singing
i thought we might talk for a while
now as you know
i can't swim
and if this preacher loses his grip
i'm surely heaven bound
so i feel its important that we agree
that any mistakes now
don't count against me
i left that pew and came up front
told folks things bout my sinning
that they never knew
and i don't believe i should pay
for some preacher who drank
the left over wine
had we done this before church i'd be fine
but lord that man can't be stable now
so if it's okay with you
we'll call this deal done
and whatever happens next
ain't no fault of mine


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