Wednesday, June 23

From the author, AngelaMarie:

Re-blogging an early post of mine, prompted by a wonderful thought passed on to me by a woman at the Oldenburg Franciscan Center this weekend. She came to the realization that Catholic Sisters are 'MythBusters' for our times - women whose very lives help us see through the myths of status and possessions and light the path to personal freedom. I work with the Sisters of St. Francis in Oldenburg, and my journey with them began with a retreat I made at the Franciscan Center in 2010. This was the first poem I wrote after years of not writing - while on that very retreat. To me, the image of Catholic Nuns as "MythBusters" is powerful, indeed. They light the path of authenticity through the sharing of their lives and walks with God. Do any of you have connections with Catholic Sisters? What has your experience been?


  • Thank you for sharing this! I would be so interested in hearing others thoughts. The woman who said Catholic Sisters are ‘MythBusters’ was struck by that thought after reading a passage from an interview called “Nothing to Lose But Our Illusions” with David Edwards. The article says: “Once you start to see through the myth of status, possessions, and unlimited consumption as a path to happiness, you’ll find that you have all kinds of freedom and time. It’s like a deal you can make with the universe: I’ll give up greed for freedom. Then you can start putting your time to good use… Once you realize that helping others is also helping yourself, the size of the overall problems [you face] becomes irrelevant. You’re not a one-man or one-woman army out to save the whole world. You simply help because it does good and it feels good.”

    • Over here in the PacNW there is a movement called “Stand with the Sisters” that is going around my community. In general, we think the Sisters have the right stuff while patriarchy is worried about losing control. Who is feeding the hungry, visiting the imprisoned, etc.? Not the priests in the US! They are more concerned with birth control, no women priests, and abortions.

  • I myself was born in a Sisters of Mercy Catholic Hospital and gave birth to both of my own children in Catholic Hospitals. The Sisters were so very encouraging and celebratory of each new life coming into the world.

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