Wednesday, June 23


  • Wonderful of you to share this post with us here! This writer seems to have been trained/taught to concentrate on the Cruxifision, Gethsemane, and the Via Dolorosa much more than Resurrection Day and the tomb with the stone rolled away, to show it was empty! I really enjoy how she concluded the post with reminding us of so many lovely qualities, in the flesh during His ministry years, of Our Lord and Savior! Easter morn at sunrise is the very pentacle of the Christian year for me. I am a Resurrection Person!

    • Me too! A friend put it this way..

      “We Episcopalians are people of Christmas. We focus on the incarnation. Lutherans are people of the cross and the passion of Jesus.”

      Then in my mind, I says, “We Methodists are people of Easter!”

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