I found this article fascinating from a United Methodist perspective. We say, "Christian Perfection is "holiness of heart and life." It is "walking the talk." John Wesley expected Methodists to do not only "works of piety" but "works of mercy"--both of these fused together put a Christian on the path to perfection in love." What follows builds on perfection in love.

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  1. The Alternate Economy said on March 10, 2012
    thank you for sharing my post!
    1. Terri said on March 10, 2012
      No problem! I enjoyed it.
  2. granbee said on March 10, 2012
    Wonderful to discover that you are a fellow United Methodist member, dear Terri! Wesley talked about "perfecting grace" among the other types of grace he defined as part of our total Christian walk through life. Grace does perfect us more and more--it is an ongoing process, not a fait accompli at any point in time in this fleshly existence!

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