Thursday, June 24

Finding New Spiritual Practices To Inspire Me

I'm working on a new spiritual practice for my life--actually a few new ones. In my book collection I've been intrigued by several titles lately. Poetry as Spiritual Practice, How the Light Gets In: Writing as Spiritual Practice, and Create Your Personal Sacred Text: Develop and Celebrate Your Spiritual Life ,

I've also been longing for the ritual of the Book of Hours. I have very little routine to my days and nights--as I've said to other people, I feel like I go to an unsupervised kindergarten! My friend Jamie Wright Bagley taught a course on the Book of Hours last year--I hope she'll do it again. Here's a link to a Book of Hours that Jamie did for herself. Thomas Merton's Book of Hours is on my list, along with Macrina Wiederkehr's Seven Sacred Pauses: Living Mindfully Through the Hours of the Day.

I feel the need to figure out what is happening in my heart and mind. I know I haven't completely left the faith I grew up with. I still believe. But I know my faith needs reshaping. I need guidance and support. I need to pull the pieces of my life that do work together in a way to enhance my faith and to figure out exactly what I should do with it all.

Next week I'll give you some shelfies. Some of the books I referred to are on my Kindle, so I have to figure it out!




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  • Lana, I wonder if we can create our own liturgy of the hours and be accountability partners with “mindful pauses” throughout the day? Also, the daily prayer practice is a great start to kick the day off.

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