Saturday, July 24

15 Propositions: The Bible and Homosexuality by Rev. Dr. James Howell

15 propositions | The General Board of Church and Society.

A thoughtful article.  My personal pet peeve is  under his point #12.  Just because I disagree does not mean that I don't know my Bible or that I don't know the scholarship around this issue.  

15 propositions:  The Bible and Homosexuality

By the Rev. Dr. James Howell

Having heard much talk recently about the Bible and homosexuality — in our United Methodist General Conference, in my home state of North Carolina with its marriage amendment vote, and then President Obama’s statement affirming gay marriage — I have pulled together 15 propositions that might help us moving forward...


  • Jeff Conn

    I think what James Howell meant in point 12 is that it’s wrong for conservatives to say that only they have the Bible on their side. Both pro and anti gay people interpret the Bible and decide how to apply it, that’s all he meant, I think. I believe we need to remove the anti gay rules from the Discipline, by the way. Until then, those of us who believe those rules are wrong should disobey them or consider doing so.

    • I don’t think I was clearly expressing myself! Yes, I agree with him in point 12. It annoys me when people say they have the Bible on their side and assume I don’t know my Bible. I agree with you…ecclesial disobedience, Biblical obedience. Amen. Alleluia!

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