Monday, July 26

1000 Voices for Compassion

It feels like I've been all over the Internet this week, reading other people's blogs, getting to know people I may never meet face to face, and hearing their stories. One of the new movements I've learned about is 1000 Voices for Compassion. I found out about it through their Facebook group, which has grown at this moment to 1,021 members in less than two weeks. This is the group description:

Let's get 1000 bloggers to write posts about compassion, kindness, support, caring for others, non-judgment, care for the environment, etc., and ALL PUBLISH ON THE SAME DAY (Feb 20th) to flood the Blogosphere with GOOD! Use the hashtag #1000Speak to promote this event.
Why February 20? This date was chosen because it is the UN World Day of Social Justice. I will be blogging at my own space that day, and I hope that whoever is here will join in. I want my voice to be heard in support of compassion, caring for others, and making the world a better place. This isn't a plug for them or a plug for my blog or anything--just an encouragement that we can speak up to flood the world with good news for a day. I love the idea of "taking 'the other' to lunch"--maybe that means looking at the other side of an issue in a way you have never done before. I challenge you to think about what it could mean to you.

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    Lana, thank you for posting such a passionate invitation. I am so glad to build up my posts of my awareness of compassion, kindness, support, caring for others, non-judgment, and caring for the environment. I just need to be reminded to do it. warm regards, Susan

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