Praying with Art – Prayerful Tuesday

  Romans 6:1b:11 I am preaching next Sunday and the first step in the preparation for my sermon is to pray my scripture using Lectio Divina. The last step in my Lectio Divina is to write in my journal what I hear in the scripture. Often I will draw a Mandala as a visual image…

Saul: Lamenting a Man of Promise

My sermon on David’s lament of Saul. It apparently went well. My most cherished comment was, “your delivery was so easy, like you were playing cards with us!” So now you have to read it so you can see why he would mention playing cards. ;-)

On the Importance of Boundaries

When I was a young adult, I lived in the Bible-belt of North Carolina in a small town outside of Charlotte. One of the interesting things about the area I lived in was the presence of Heritage U.S.A.Theme Park, the home of PTL ministries run by Jim and Tammy Bakker. Everybody in the area knew about Heritage. At Christmas time, they had the most fantastic light display and going there was almost as good as going to Carowinds, the local amusement park.

Be Seedy Not Weedy

We often respond naturally to things we don’t understand. It is these moments that our weediness and seediness is tested. So, I suppose, we need to define what the test is in order to know whether we are acting weedy or seedy. And that is seedy like seeds from plants not seedy like shabby or dingy. The test that I have in my mind is the “simple” question, “what response or action will bring the most spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual freedom to those among us who are the lost, the least, and the lonely.”