Pink and White by Chrysty Hendrick ©2014

TGIF: Not So Serious

So this week my husband came home one day and said, “Did you know that cherry trees come in pink!?!”  I just kind of looked at him for a second and said, “Well, yeah.  Of course, they are all around here.”  He said, “They all look white to me!”  At which point we both started…


Kentucky Fried Chicken Little

In case you think the story of Chicken Little’s cry “The sky is falling!” is something from a fable, you should know that a cognate form of this fable has been acted out in real life every time conservatives and progressives have clashed over any matter involving any significant alteration of the social and economic conditions of American society. That is to be expected: conservatives … well … conservatives conserve. So conservatives said the sky would fall if slavery ended, because formerly enslaved black men would take up arms, kill their former masters, and rape white women; or that if women could vote, they would abandon their husbands and children in favor of lives of prostitution … and they might even smoke, etc., etc.


Never Too Early – Prayerful Tuesday

  I’m so sorry this post is late but life just seems to interfere at times, especially during Holy Week. But I did want to talk about “life.” No, not the meaning of life but rather how fragile life is. In the last two weeks two friends have passed on to next life. One was…