A Moment of Silence – Prayerful Tuesday

Numbers 23:9a for from the top of the mountains I see him, from the hills I behold him; On this beautiful Tuesday I ask only that you take a moment of silence. Hold in your hearts, the pain, suffering and loss from the deaths in Charleston North Carolina, Chattanooga TN.  To remember the loss of…

Who Was Atticus Finch?

By now, you  probably know I love reading literature as much as I love writing in any way, shape, or form, so the release of Harper Lee’s second, controversial novel Go Set a Watchman this week did NOT escape my notice. I haven’t decided whether to read it or not due to the concerns about whether…

Marta Pawlik

TGIF: Gratitude for Family during Crisis

I’ve just returned from a long visit with my family. My mother’s dementia is advancing and it was heartbreaking for me to see this once vibrant expansive woman so bitter and defeated. It’s a tragic situation without a happy ending. Yet, my family keeps together. I was able to see my father, mother, sister, niece,…


You’ve Read This Post Before, Too

Disappointment, however understandable given our prior theological / Sunday School indoctrination, is, in the end, a mere narcissistic self-indulgence in the face of such reckless evil … and a consequent failure to take our own responsibility seriously.